Multi-platform Video Player

Used on 50,000,000+ devices, by Hollywood studios and Content Providers around the globe
White label · Multi-DRM · Subtitle/Multi-track audio · SDK for all Web and Mobile Platforms
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e-Screening Room System

Secured High Definition Screening Solution.
Used by Studios and Broadcasters to safely share high value content.
Key features: high-definition, multi-device, streaming and progressive download, offline playback, multi-DRM, real-time reporting, unique invisible and visible watermarking for each session, world-wide availability, support for multiple catalogs from one video library, ingestion of any video format, 24/7 CSI team.
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4 easy steps to Secure Digital Content Delivery
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1. Upload Your Movie

Securely upload master files (up to 80 GB) in MPEG PS, MPEG TS, MOV, WMV, MP4, MXF.

2. Choose Security Options

Add visible spoilage like time-codes and overlays, DRM protection, even an invisible unique watermark with a forensic identifier.

3. Manage your Content

Generate unique screening codes for your viewers and easily manage your audience.

4. Share & Play Anywhere

A screening code can be used by your viewer once on any device. You control the dates and times your content is available, and you can see who watched what and for how long.

Continuum Studio Enterprise

High-value Content, made Accessible and Secure. End-to-end Solution.
Catalog Management, Video on Demand, Secure E-Screeners and more.
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Ingest Movie

Compatible with almost any source video profile.


Create secure video file in proprietary format.


Multiple DRM choices (PlayReady, Widevine, Verimatrix, Marlin, etc), additional Encryption and Proprietary Slicing, Forensic Watermarking (Civolution), Multiple Overlays and more.

Up to CDN

Multiple CDN delivery providers and options.


Playback is initiated by a request from an authorized user via our secure Multiplatform Video Player.


Full tracking and reporting capabilities via API and admin access.

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